Julie Shay Designs is known for blending diverse elements of modern and vintage with different periods and cultures, creating environments that range from traditionally classic to interiors with a bohemian spirit and a colorful twist... Above all, Julie's work is irresistibly comfortable, and her passion for interior design is ultimately reflected in the results she creates. Every client is different -- each has their very own set of challenges, needs and design inspirations. Julie prides herself on not just listening to what her clients say (and don’t say) but understanding their wishes and dreams, which becomes the foundation of the design plan from Day One. 

For the full service design client Julie Shay Designs will handle every detail of a project from beginning to end. I will work with you to create a custom design that reflects your style and personality. I will create a design scheme, source products, handle purchasing, and oversee contractors and installation.

Projects can be anything from a spring update for a single room, to creating a property from the ground up, working well within the framework of already established teams, whereby the builder and the architect are already on board. Julie Shay is also often called upon to help establish the team as well as to act in the capacity of the owner’s representative, therefore making the project and process much more enjoyable for the client.

Julie Shay Designs takes pride in its ability to imbue every one of its projects with elements of history, philosophy, music and romance. While paying careful attention to functionality, materials, scale and proportion, Julie ensures that every one of her designs marries beauty with intellect in a fresh, original way.

Julie Shay worked decades as an international model, represented by the Wilhelmina agency with branches throughout the world. Through her extensive travels, Julie nurtured her love of design from the different cultures she experienced, and this is where her globally inspired eclectic design aesthetic began. After her modeling career, Julie followed her creative desires and attended the New York Jewelry Arts Institute where she became an accomplished goldsmith and a highly sought-after jewelry designer, creating one-of-a-kind pieces for celebrity clientele and displayed her work in boutiques in NYC, Vail, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles.

Julie’s need for creating, and her passion for design evolved into interiors while designing her home in Montecito. She then found herself designing friends’ homes, and through word of mouth, friends-of-friends. And so, Julie Shay Designs was born.

Julie worked with a design collective in Santa Barbara from 2004- 2009. In 2010, Julie was called upon to design a modern contemporary penthouse in Soho. Upon completion, Julie moved back to Santa Monica to work with a prestigious design firm as one of the lead designers. Julie recently moved back to Des Moines, Iowa to be closer to family and thus her interiors continue. 

Julie Shay's Designs can be seen in NYC, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Vail, Aspen, Chicago, Atlanta, South Hampton, St. Barth's, Deauville, France, as well as Buenos Aires & Lujan, Argentina.


Interior Design is shifting as fast as the world of fashion! I find that my client’s tastes seem to have changed 180° within the past two years. This is very exciting to me as their Designer, as it raises the bar for me to be on top of my game more than ever in order to design interiors that span the spectrum from the most classically elegant, modern contemporary, hip bohemian to a hide-away cottage in the woods, whatever it is that "WE" come up with, it's going to be the most comfortable & exciting interiors you've known!
To me, a home’s aesthetic should draw on diverse influences within a particular style. One’s home should be beautiful, exciting, thought provoking and emotionally accessible.
When I travel, I am always open to absorbing all kinds of new experiences. Whether it is the inspiration from the color of the sky on a cloudy day in London, or  maybe it's the color of the soothing waters in the Caribbean that inspires the perfect beach house interior!
All of these experiences for me are like sorting a virtual filing cabinet in my head with beautiful things, textures, colors, patterns and styles. But most of all, it is the spirit that I get from these experiences that I imbue with all of my projects.
My clients have the utmost confidence in Julie Shay Designs and that confidence I turn into the starting point of each project!

For services, price and information, please contact me. 



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